About Nick Fahy

Nick Fahy

I am Nick Fahy, health systems consultant and researcher.
My interests: how do health systems work? What can we learn from comparing health systems across different countries? And how can we bring about change in health systems that will bring about better health for patients, and make them more interesting and rewarding places for health professionals to work?

Brexit and its implications for the future of health

The starting point for this blog, though, is Brexit. All of us in the United Kingdom have embarked on a major upheaval as we go about leaving the European Union, and that will have major implications for health and our health system. The aim of this blog is to address that. What impact will Brexit have? What options are there for the new relationship with the EU? And how can we address the challenges that the referendum threw up for our NHS?

My perspective is based on over twenty years of experience in international health policy, including over a decade working for the European Commission. I’m an independent consultant and researcher in health policy and practice. There’s more information on my consultancy company, Nick Fahy Consulting here. I’ve co-authored a book on European health policy (see here, where you can download a copy, if you like) and several academic articles, such as this one in the BMJ on the impact of European bailout programmes on health systems across Europe. I’m also completing a doctorate in evidence-based health care at the University of Oxford; more on that here. All views on this blog are personal, though; do not take anything written here as representing the views of any of these organisations, or as providing professional advice. If you would like advice on a specific issue or for your specific situation, please contact me.