Health is About People

Use what already works, not what might work

There’s a lot of technology and research in health systems, but in the end, it’s the people that matter. It’s the people who combine the technology, the knowledge and their own judgement to treat the patient in front of them. So change has to begin with those people, with listening to your needs and understanding your situation, and working with you to see how good practice from elsewhere can be adapted and be useful to you in your own situation.

Europe: a giant natural laboratory for health systems

Across the EU, countries are all trying to achieve the same health goals of universal access to high-quality healthcare based on equity and solidarity – but all doing it in slightly different ways. Combine this with Europe-wide health data for benchmarking, and you have the world’s greatest resource for learning how best to deliver healthcare in real life.

Different gardens, different plants

Different gardens have different conditions, and need different plants. Likewise, good practices can’t just be uprooted and transplanted from health system to another. You need the right knowledge of the different systems, how to distinguish what is local and what can be moved, and how innovations from one context can take root in another.

A practical way to keep up with constant healthcare change

Health is one of the most innovation-driven sectors in society. The new technologies and techniques constantly being developed are a great benefit to patients and society, but are also a great challenge to keep up with. Using best practice from across Europe provides a practical alternative; a shortcut to the changes that you really do need to make.

More of Europe in health

Although health systems remain primarily up to individual countries, the EU’s role is growing, from funding for new technologies and research, investment funds for developing infrastructure and training, strengthening cooperation between health professions and in 2011, a new directive on cross-border healthcare. Better understanding this European dimension provides the basis for taking advantage of the opportunities that it provides, and helps manage the potential risks.