Our Services

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Understanding the EU and health

Training and teaching (individual, group), tailored to particular subjects and audiences.
Reports on Europe & health issues.

Speaking and facilitating on European health issues

Conference and event presentations on European health issues.
Chairing and facilitating discussions and workshops

Identifying best European practice

Review and analysis of information.
Identifying experts, sources of information and reference materials.
Workshops and discussions with stakeholders to identify lessons and build consensus on next steps.

Supporting adoption of European innovations

Support to a change process integrating:
Identification of best European practice.
Adaptation of best practice from elsewhere to specific local needs and circumstances.
Support to change process to implement agreed initiatives.
Respecting the knowledge, requirements and values of the organisation concerned, this approach is to work together in a shared process to identify and learn from good practice elsewhere to produce real improvements.

Value for Money

These services are provided for competitive rates for work at this level, with scope for reduced rates for non-profit organisations and work linked to research. My aim is to ensure that all clients receive value from all services, and that the rates charged fairly reflect that value. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs and for an estimate.

I am also involved in research to understand how we could better move innovations between European health systems (see Research), and would welcome interest from organisations who would like to collaborate on this topic. It is also possible to link the services described above to research and publication of results, depending on the content and circumstances, which could also be linked to reduced charges.